Once Upon a Gibbous Moon

I'm jo.
I like the moon.
I like spiders,
ants and bees,
snakes and sharks.
I talk to things.
How you doing?

side note: i don't own any of the gif i ever use (golly i don't even know how to make them)
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On Sharpshooter Island

I was born

100 shots, 100 hits!

Lu lu la la lu

Even a mouse’s eye…

Lock on!

Even on your heart…


The man that came from Sharpshooter Island

Lu lu lu lu lu la la!

You better run and hide

Soge soge soge Sogeking!

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Firing this hurts like a bitch!

-USOPP (One Piece)

Usopp, the human canon

You saved us, captain!

he wanted to fight! LOL

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My Top 9 One Piece Characters <3

  1. Sir Crocodile (unconditionally)
  2. Usopp
  3. Admiral ‘Kizaru’ Borsalino
  4. Nami ‘Cat Burglar’
  5. Captain Buggy the Clown
  6. Monkey D. Luffy
  7. Nico Robin
  8. Sanji ‘Black Leg’
  9. Silvers Rayleigh ‘Dark King’

Gifs by me. Enjoy. (=

PS. This seems to be short on marines… however if it was top 15, Garp and Smoker would be there for sure.

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you’re my favourite, silly zoro

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These are the progress of my work on One Piece meeting after 2 years..

p.s. One Piece doesn’t belong to me. It’s Oda sensei’s