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It’s sort of like if you have two kids, and you give one of them a cookie and the other one half a cookie. Then you give the kid with half a cookie another half a cookie to make it even, and the kid with the whole cookie starts to scream about how it’s not fair that the second kid got ‘two cookies’.
My friend on the subject of privileged groups claiming to be oppressed by steps taken to work towards equality of oppressed groups.   (via nationofsluts)

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Hospital rebrands chemotherapy as DC-themed “superformula” for kids

Chemotherapy is never fun, but A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo is trying to make it easier for children to accept the treatment. They’re rebranding the treatment as “superformula” and using comics to help kids understand chemo.

Buzzfeed’s Copyranter blog explains that the cancer center is working with ad agency JWT, which also works with Warner Bros. The idea was to help children believe in the power of chemotherapy to make them ultimately better. They’re not just covering the chemo cases with superhero logos; they’re also giving pediatric cancer patients comic books in which the heroes experience something similar to cancer and must receive a similar treatment formulated by doctors. And in the comics, the cases for the treatment bags look just like the cases the kids get over their own chemo bags.

This is fabulous.




This is a fantastic and inspiring video. Please watch. 


Such an important topic: 7 Billion Well - Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. (by TEDxTalks)


Vaguely threatening letters from children.

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OMG! Adorbz of the Day: Adorable toddler Makena belts a heartfelt rendition of Adele’s “Someone Like You.” (Well, as heartfelt as a cover of a deeply emotional break-up ballad by a two-year-old with (hopefully) no working knowledge of the lyrics she’s singing gets anyway.)



Drummer Boy of the Day: This 2-year-old drummer makes jokes of us all, is too young to know what a joke is.



Self Container Bunks.

The dream of every childhood… Thanks Apartment Therapy.


Afternoon Snack: Hmm. Yeah, all right. I guess I get it.